A Study of Poetry in Translation

The links at the right are for pages related to my current passion for the topic above. The fad began, as could be expected, with my umpteenth attempt to dive into the Crater Lake that is Arthur Rimbaud for a deeper swim than I took last time I vacationed here.

I first visited Crater Lake, I mean Arthur Rimbaud, in the late 70s. -- gcb

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Seven Interpretatons of Rimbaud: by Greg Baysans

About Anna, by Kurt Schwitters: translated by the author and by Greg Baysans

H, by Arthur Rimbaud: a comparison of several translations

Blaise Cendrar: two poems, translated by Greg Baysans

Four poems by Jacques Prévert: excellent translations (three are by Michael Benedict)

"Shadow of the Wall" by Pierre Reverdy: translated by Greg Baysans

"Spring 1986" by Gennady Trifonov: translated by J.M. Regan