by Greg Baysans



I became bored with my CD collection. Well, I didn't get bored with the collection, I got bored listening to the CDs in the same arrangements.

My collection of 300-plus CDs more than doubled in size from 2003-2004 when I worked at a job where we were allowed to wear headphones and listen to music while working the usually 10-hour shifts. I would sometimes have "theme nights" and some of the Playlist CDs are a result of those theme nights.

Those Playlists based on a single word repeat a concept I put onto cassette tapes several years ago.

The lists below are links. Click on the list to see the contents:


A Song A Year
2 CD set
Decade By Decade
The 60s & Before, 70s Rock, 70s Roll, 80s, 90s, 00s
3 CD set
2 CD set
Songs with animals in the title
Songs with "Rain" in the title
BOB 1-5
5 cuts from 20 great albums, one per 5 CD set
Sun / Moon
Alternating "Sun" and "Moon" songs
Night & Day
Same thing with "Night" and "Day"
Man, Boy, Woman, Girl, Baby
5 CD set
Songs with "Too" in the title
Songs with colors in the title
Zero to 1,000
Songs with numbers in the title
Songs with the number "one" in the title
Questions, questions
2 CD set
Uppers & Downers
2 CD set
2 CD set
Hearing Double
Same song done by 2 artists
The Latest
1 song from each of the last 20 or so CDs I've acquired
"Died Young or Tragic" (all under the age of 50, btw)
Acts I've Seen Live
Old (complete) and updated version (08/18/06)
Drag Mix
Songs I'd lip synch if I ever did drag
For future copying
Add to list here

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Aug. 16, 2006, has comments about some selections