Boeshans / Baysans

Boeshans is the given spelling of my name but I decided early in my writing career that I wanted to change, not the name, but the spelling to make it easier to pronounce upon first sight (I wanted to avoid what I termed the Rimbaud-syndrome). After years of experimenting with a few spellings I arrived on "Baysans" not long before before becoming co-founder of "The James White Review" (1983), where my work first appeared.

Years later one of the other co-founders (Phil Willkie) and I received a Lambda Literary Award for our work with the review. We received the award at a wonderful awards dinner in New York City held during the American Booksellers Convention. Imagine my chagrin when the emcee came over to our table before the awards were to be begin and asked me, "How do you pronounce your name?"

Ah, well. I occasionally search for both spellings on various search engines (there's a link to a megasearch engine in my Storage Locker) and, besides finding my own home page, have found these interesting items and wanted to store them in one place. This is it.

I found Boeshanses in Texas, Germany, Hawaii, Ohio, Oregon, North Dakota, Minnesota, Utah, and a few places I've forgotten. A wrestler, a trekkie, a CEO of a computer firm, I had no idea.

Last updated 1-22-99 (some of the links are no longer working, sorry -- 3-16-2002)


On each of these
links, do a "find"
for "boeshans" and
see what/who you find.
This page has someone named Hans Boe.
I thought that was cute.
Deutche Zeite. Ich kann ein bischen lessen.
Not my American cousin.

On the following links you'll find "Baysans."

History of the phrase "Gay Nineties."
Louie Crew whom we published in "The Gay Nineties."
Here you'll find Something Bay, sans souci.....
I thought it was smart of the search engine to find it.
Gay Resources, literature.
Here is my favorite find by far.

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