(first noticed in play 1/1/2000 if you were anywhere from New Zealand to India time-zone-wise)

As a reward to anyone who's made it this far, and for all cheat sheet creators out there in RidicLand, here's a complete list of acceptable answers for the cat "Common Similes Using 'As'".

I meant to save a copy of this list but threw it away after a long time had passed and it had not shown up in play. I'd thought it had been considered and rejected though it seemed to me my most entertaining category submission to date. So I'm building this list from my notes as I wrote them, actual submitted list may vary slightly as well as my memory of which alternates I allowed credit for another listed.

This category was first seen in play moments after it turned January 1, 2000 in India. I remember because I was playing at the time and had wanted to see if someone I know from India was playing and nearing the New Year. She was (as was another friend) and it was then that the new year changed there. Then the cat showed up. I have proof, was video taping New Year coverage on tv and also taped the short time I spent playing ridic and looking for someone on the "other side". red when I was verifying my list before submitting it (early 99? or so).

P.S. 1-12-2000: I'm a bit upset. While playing last night this cat showed up and an answer appeared that I CERTAINLY didn't include: it is: nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. It's not an expression I've ever heard (though it's cute), and it really angers me that my submission was so tampered with. Also, about a week ago when playing I saw a partial answer appear on the list, seemingly because of coding error during writing. The partial answer was "three dollar bill" and if memory serves I intentionally did NOT include the option "queer as a three dollar bill" because I didn't want to provoke "queer" comments. (Also, ever since "varisty blues" typo I've been extra careful about proofing before sending so wonder if my coding was wrong.) I haven't yet but am likely to write some sort of note to game administrator expressing my displeasure, perhaps even asking if it can be rmmoved altogether. I'd better wait until my irritation subsides; I write nasty letters when I'm upset and I want to be diplomatic about this. - gcb

Common Similes Using "As" (Example: old as the hills)

dumb as a post

dead as a doornail

pure as the driven snow

fine as silk

right as rain

red as a beet

black as the ace of spades

white as a sheet (or ghost)

high as a kite

poor as Job's turkey (don't type the apostrophe though - it's a literary reference also listed in Dictionary of Phrase Origins)

hungry as a bear

wide as the ocean

deep as a river

quiet as a mouse

cold as ice

thick as pea soup (soup alone may get credit?)

slow as mollasses in January (don't need the January and may be able to misspell mollasses with one "l" since I tend to misspell it myself)

big as a house

crazy as a loon (or a bed bug)

sly as a fox

thick as a brick

fresh as a daisy

plain as day

easy as pie

good as gold

strong as an ox

straight as an arrow

mad as a wet hen

thin as a rail (skinny as also acceptable)

rare as hen's teeth (don't type apostrophe)

flat as a pancake

cool as a cucumber

loose as a goose

poor as a church mouse (probably also churchmouse accepted)

cross as a bear (I'm not familiar with this one, found it very referenced in Dictionary of Phrase Origins)

snug as a bug in a rug (as a bug is probably okay)

sober as a judge

quick as a wink

phoney as a three dollar bill (queer acceptable but will credit phoney)

common as dirt

rich as Rockefeller (also found in dictionary of phrase origins so also accepted but credited as Rockefeller: rich as Croesus, rich as a fugger)

wise as an owl

pretty as a picture

busy as a bee

plain as the nose on your face (also accepts on ones face I'd guess)

fast as lightning

naked as a jaybird (also jay bird)

smart as a tack

sick as a dog

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