(first noticed in play 5/16/99; thanks, tripper^, for letting me know)

As a reward to anyone who's made it this far, and for all cheat sheet creators out there in RidicLand, here's a complete list of acceptable answers for the cat "Movies with Colors in the Title".

This cat was inspired by a similar song category and is, admittedly, difficult and slightly obscure. Sorry, but I don't mind a semi-tough cat and like a challenge. I haven't yet seen this one played but was tipped off by e-mail that came up the day after noticing my second new cat in two days so this makes three new cats of mine in three days; I'm about ready to ask for royalty checks.

Movies with Colors in the TItle

Where the Green Ants Dream

Blood and Roses

Silver Bullet

The Purple Rose of Cairo

The Blue Lagoon

Blue Velvet

Blue Collar

The Blue Angel

Blue Money

A Patch of Blue

The Red Pony

Soylent Green

The Gold Rush

Green Card

Green Fire

On Golden Pond

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Snow White

Black Beauty

Black and White in Color

Black Orpheus

Black Narcissus

Blackboard Jungle

Audrey Rose

Desert Gold

Rhapsody in Blue


Purple People Eater

The White Sheik

Heller in Pink Tights

Jesse James Under the Black Flag

Riders of the Purple Sage

The Pope of Greenwich Village

Return of the Pink Panther

The Purple Heart

Red Surf

Red River

Black Roses

The Big Red One

Red Planet Mars

Red Garters

Dress Gray

White Mama

Gold Diggers of 1933

Golden Gate

Purple Vigilantes

Berlin Blues

Biloxi Blues

Blonde Venus

Varsity Blues (which was submitted with typo: Varisty Blues, sorry sorry sorry, mea culpa. I've /msg'ed bot to fix it but it remains unchanged to date 12/7/99)

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