Interpretation by Greg Baysans

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Unstable ("Mouvement")

The unstable shore as we ride the chute of rapids,

the vortex at the bow,

gaining speed down the ramp,

a current of energy transports,

through lit-from-behind mysteries

and chemical experiments,

explorers from a land of geysers 

and futuristic fiction.

They're champions of the world

digging their personal chemical fortune;

fun and games explore with them.

They're distinguished professors

of ancestry, classes and creatures from this ark.

Knees collapse, a loss of balance

to a splay of light rays

and a torturous night of physical therapy.

Gears, blood, flowers, flame and jewelry are overheard,

inaccurate stats taken aboard this wobbly craft.

One notices, rolling like a wave waving beyond a motorized road for motor vehicles,

alien, lit up with eternity -- verification of all that therapy.

And righteousness, astral peace that passes understanding.

In eerie air met by accident,

a young couple stand isolated on an arch

-- Is it our caveman nature that needs to be forgiven? --

and sing keeping watch.


by Greg Baysans