Interpretations by Greg Baysans


* * * * * * *



I embraced summer's daybreak. 

Silence was on the face of the castle. Waters are still as death. A shadowgang surround the wooded trail. I travelled it, found the breath of life, jewels as my witness as wings rose without making a sound.

The first infusion came in an arena already infused with a pale glimmering, a flower revealed itself to me.

I laughed at the white waterfall that shivered the timbers. At the summit is the brightness where I encountered the Goddess.

Soon I - one by one - lowered her veils. I'm in the street waving my arms and there's the field where I gave her over to the rooster. In the city she panicked among churches and domes where I had to race like a waif on the marble wharves to chase her.

Above the path that leads to the laurel woodland I wrapped her in her collection of veils and for a second was one with her immense being. Daybreak and baby tumble to the forest edge.

Waking, it's midday.


(September 4, 1999)