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Two Uromastyx attained Feb. 23, 2002: Alice and (Mr.) Moto. It was said at the time they were attained that Alice may already be pregnant. This must not have been so though she seemed sorta chunky. Breeding behavior between Alice and Moto was witnessed the last week of March and first week of April, 2002. By mid-May Alice was obviously carrying eggs. On May 19, 2002, Moto was removed to a second enclosure. A bin of vermiculite was put into the pen where Alice remained. She investigated the space and did some rearranging of the vermiculite over the next four days. Thirteen eggs were laid in the corners and buried on May 23, 2002, removed to a smaller container and placed in an incubator approx. 5 hrs. later. The incubator maintains a steady temperature of about 90 and a high humidity level.


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Progress Report

Text below will update the progress of the eggs, Moto and Alice. Questions? See links above.

June 1, 2002: Moto returned to enclosure with Alice.

June 3, 2002. Hissing by both of them. She seems aggressive. He is defensive. Despite this, they also have gone into their hide together without being violent.

June 20, 2002. He continues to do some hissing, particularly when first waking, and seems now to be the aggressor. Jim thought a week ago that he would separate them again. He hasn't.

July 5, 2002. They've quit hissing and are getting along as well as when they were first aquired, sleeping together in the same hide as well. They did react to the sound of fireworks yesterday and thrashed when I held them. I let them back into their hide for the rest of the night. Eggs remain in incubator, steady temp and humidity.

August 10, 2002. Saran-wrap covering on eggs was removed four days ago, vermiculite misted diurnally. A mold-growth was there. Eggs remain buried in small kitchen container which sits in a closed incubator. We've been checking the eggs through the see-thru top every hour or so.

August 23, 2002. Impatient for eggs to hatch, Jim got a six-week-old bearded dragon, Freddie Charley Ginsberg. See Bearded Dragon Progress Page (joke).