To-Wit 101


by Greg Baysans, aka Poet X

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"Today's lesson is a wonderful counterpoint to yesterday's examples which had extra words in articles. Today's lesson is a tribute to the Pulitzer Prizes, an award The Oregonian is proud to showcase on its front page masthead every issue.

"The Pulitzers were announced and Portlanders got to learn it from their local prize-winning paper. As a tribute to the Pulitzers, we'll pretend this is a Physics Class and discuss a law of physics:

"What happens to an object into which you've stuffed more of another substance than is proper? Turn to The Oregonian's coverage of the Pulitzers, page A3.

"The Pulitzer for drama was awarded to Suzan-Lori Parks. In the seventh paragraph, Parks says, 'I do love all my characters, and when they come to me, I am willing do (sic) whatever the play requires to get it written.'

"The law of physics that is being demonstrated is this: when an object is filled to full of something, a similar or same amount of the object comes out. In this case it was the very next day!

"Is there a proofreader in the house?

"End of session with our special Physics lesson."

Professor Soren Horse, Portland Understands Papers University.