by Greg Baysans



Panel one: George Bush
talking weapons of mass detruction.
Caption: You can fool all of the people
some of the time. . . .

We've not lost
the freedom of speech
but the freedom to know.
America used to stand
for truth
and justice, like Superman,
but both are lost now
like youthful skin tone
under the eyes
after a long work shift. . . .

Panel two: George Bush
signing a bill targetting big business
wrongdoing in the wake of Enron.
Caption: You can fool some of the people
all of the time. . . .

. . . .lost the freedom
to know, and the saddest
part is
most don't seem to know it.
Rickie Lee Jones sings,
"Tell somebody
what happened in the U.S.A."
We've lost knowledge
and the strength
that is the truth.

Panel three: George Bush
campaigning for re-election.
Caption: Does there
need to be one?

From Superman to
Ted Baxter? the nude Emperor?
In trying to think of
a symbol
for the kind of empty
that I'm describing
George Bush come to
mind. The President
does represent the country.

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