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by Greg Baysans

by Greg Baysans
Heads: tomorrow at the state capitol
students will protest a budget shortfall
that will affect the length of the school year.
Imagine: students wanting not less learning, but more.

Tails: a newspaper where the typesetting
supervisor is English-illiterate, Subway
doesn't care if you took band, only if you
know how to turn on the Muzak. I worked
for a class action lawsuit ambulance-chasing
firm in Beaverton where what mattered most
was allegiance to a "shoot-the-towel-heads"-
spouting supervisor, paid more for being married

with children. Call it. Heads or tails, you lose
depending on which side of the coin you choose.

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*"A Corner of the Table" - the title of a painting by Henri Fautin-Latour, 1872, of several French writers including Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine.