blackout, scene __:

One of the men in the courtyard checks his watch and says that the execution cannot take place until 9:00, ten minutes to wait. A 10-minute tracking shot around the courtyard shows both the casualness of the surroundings (a dog and a child, see story) but also the terror of JAROMIR whose brow begins to sweat. At the end of ten minutes, JAROMIR is placed before a post and tied to it. The countdown begins and when the count reaches "8", someone remarks that the prisoner is too close to the wall and will make a mess. JAROMIR and the stake he's tied to (not blindfolded) are moved forward. The countdown is repeated and this time, the countdown does not stop. Just before the word "Fire" is heard, the sky is shown, a cloud is seen and a raindrop falls on JAROMIR's cheek. Background noises increase in number and volume as the countdown takes place. After the word "Fire" is heard, there is sudden, striking silence.

time of this shot: 10 minutes plus 4 minutes


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