blackout, scene __:

In black and white, JAROMIR is seen still in his cell but alternately, in color, is seen his conversation partner. JAR: I've been charged with being a sympathizer of the Jews because of my book on the writings of Jakob Boehme. SEC: What else have you written? JAR: Two terrible poems that continue to find their way into numerous anthologies since they were first printed many years ago. SEC: And? JAR: My unfinished play, "The Enemies." SEC: Tell me about it. As JAROMIR talks, SECOND VOICE is seen in the various color imagined passageways and is present, the conversation continuing, at various imagined executions. JAR: I've gotten the first act mostly finished. I've got the first part of the final, third act. The second act is not yet written but I know what must transpire.

time of this shot: 3 min.?


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