blackout, scene __:

In color, a surreal/sci-fi ala the artwork of Heavy Metal magazine, bold colors and contrasts. A tower is seen against a strangely colored sky. JAROMIR and others are seen walking to the tower which looks like a large chess rook. "Camera" (animation) follows JAR and others up the stairs of the tower to the open air courtyard where a large chess board is set up. Two "sides" are pointing at the pieces and conferring on what the next move should be. A large hourglass is about to empty. When it does, the group around JAROMIR advises him on the next move and he breaks from the group, approaches the chess board. A sudden change of point of view indicates his confusion and new dumbness. He takes the last step to the chess board, groping absently.

time of this scene: 3 min.


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