by Greg Baysans

Poet X

Why 313?


I no longer have a subscription to the newspaper and cannot write my poems. I am not in my right mind.¹ I get e-mail asking me to support the war in Iraq by buying tee shirts, much to my chagrin. Grin. I can't sleep waiting to read whatever whoever Todd is wrote. Forty-four and four dollars in the bank. To be continued, unwillingly.


Seven month old Tristen doesn't like to go to sleep. His left hand hammers his forehead just after his eyes are closed but before he's in dreamland where a voice sings in monotone, "Time to sleep. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Time to sleep." I do not envy the pregnant these days.


The rest of the truth of mice and ice and men and when delay, deny, defraud, all I can say is I hate yelling spin on so elegant in its antiquity hymn incomplete, ignoble to the blue. A battle in Afghanistan? Nobody's watching the dying there. Do they have tee shirts for that war, too?


Silver gold, I am mute. Newtext is a typeface. Violently shaking the head in one's sleep does the same. We'd have taken Baghdad sooner using lollipops instead of bombs.²


I am new to this century and do not understand its logic. Does this mean the U.S. Supreme Court is obligated to create the nation of Kurdistan? I hope so. They've been my underdog of choice for decades! They revere the memory of Hitler, from what I know. Speaking of product tie-ins like tee-shirts, why is it only now as the U.S. is about to declare victory in Iraq that these Most Wanted Playing Cards are being made available? I'd have supported the war months ago if I'd only had the playing cards!


¹Allan Ginsberg, "America", "I won't write my poem till I'm in my right mind." ²when the U.S. "liberated" Baghdad (April, 2003), 50% of the city's population was age 15 or younger.

by Greg Baysans

(4-2-03 through 4-20-03)