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From (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board, August 10, 2003

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Writes Poet X of PDX: 

"A friend has been helping with some of the bigger projects at the new place: tree trimming, building a privacy fence, etc. This evening after tearing the carport down, we were eating pizza in the living room, with the TV on CNN. 'Larry King Classic Interviews' was airing an interview with Marlon Brando from 1994. 

"A brief mention was made of Satcheen Littlefeather's accepting his Oscar for him (for 'The Godfather'; she wasn't named by name), and I mentioned how well I remember her and that night, and her speech. 

" 'I'm doing pretty good,' the friend said, suddenly. 'I turn 30 in a week or two and was feeling old. That was a year before I was born.' 

"Which is worse  always knowing that Brando would end up making Orson Welles look like Orson Bean, or having to watch it slowly happen over the years (thus knowing not only who Orson Welles is, but who Orson Bean is as well)?"

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