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Not Dead Yet

by Greg Baysans

Last week at work I told Saffron that I was going to write a poem called "Not Dead Yet" and it would be about the wait one must go through nowadays before getting health coverage. I'm old enough to remember when it took effect 30 days after employment. Now one must endure endenture servitude -- I mean temp employment -- first, four months, then wait for three months after becoming an employee of the company you're working at rather than a temp agency miles away. Consider if a person has a medical condition requiring attention in that time. Hence my title, "Not Dead Yet." Anyway, I told Saffron I was going to write such a poem. Today when I got to work I was told my supervisor had something for me. It was a large envelope with the information about medical coverage which I'm finally qualified for. I returned to my cubicle and wrote on the envelope in somewhat large letters, "Not Dead Yet." I showed it to Saffron, meaning to indicate that I'd cleared the latest hoop. "Typed it already?" she asked.

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