Bulletin Board, excerpt

The simple pleasures

Excerpt, (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board

Posted on Sat., Mar. 31, 2007

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A little bank music

Poet X of PDX: "Off the top of my head and from my own music collection, for bank music I'd put together a medley of Pink Floyd's 'Money,' Joel Grey singing 'Money Makes the World Go 'Round' from the 'Cabaret' soundtrack, Barenaked Ladies doing 'If I Had a Million Dollars,' Eartha Kitt's 'Just an Old-Fashioned Girl,' and The Skyliners' 'Pennies From Heaven.' Just for the pun of it, and to make the genre-blending complete, I'd probably add something from Johnny Cash. Glad that I don't have any Eddie Money."

PANDL: "If choosing Bank Music were my responsibility, I think that I would include Beethoven's 'Rage Over the Lost Penny.' My daughter used to play that many years ago, when it was part of her piano lesson. It always amused me that Beethoven would write about such a frivolous subject.

"Maybe he just wrote the music, and someone else put a name to it."

BULLETIN BOARD SAYS: The piece, according to our sources, is the Rondo a Capriccio for piano in G major. Someone else gave it the catchy nickname.

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

Leo the Tiger: "Classic B-M thanks to the PP.

"I've had my first B-M, and it was awesome! There was no doubt in my mind as to what it was.

"On Sunday, March 4, I was reading the Sunday Life section of the PP. Started reading an article called 'Now you see it, now you don't' and vaguely noticed that the author's name was Alex Witchel. Late in the article, the author referenced her husband. Startled, I looked back at the author's name and confirmed it was, in fact, Alex. 'Oh,' I thought, 'Alex must be a woman.' (Or a gay man, I suppose, but that possibility seemed remote.)

"Later in the day, I was reading the March 5 New Yorker (kind of a lazy day on Sunday). In a little article in 'Talk of the Town,' the author mentioned Frank Rich and his wife, Alex Witchel. 'Alex Witchel?' I thought. 'Wait a minute. Could it be?' I couldn't remember where the PP article had been, and the paper was already in the recycling, so I dug it out of the recycling bag and flipped through it page by page until ... YES! There it was! Alex Witchel! B-M confirmed and complete.

"Everyone in the household thought I was a little crazy, by the way. But I thought it was fun. I have 'Joy of Juxtaposition' moments all the time, but this was my first B-M. Looking forward to many more!"