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From (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board

Posted on Weds., Aug. 9, 2006

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(in response to a discussion of "Pigs In a Blanket")

Poet X of PDX: "Of course Pigs in a Blanket is really the German dish and not covered hot dogs at least in my upbringing. I was in my teens before I heard others talk of Pigs in a Blanket, and I learned they meant 'the other ones.' "There is rice in the hamburger mixture, but not a lot. And the sauce over the top is tomato sauce, somewhat watered down. The cabbage-wrapped 'pigs' are baked in a low oven, simmering in the tomato bath. When my mother or grandmother would make them, the accompaniment was always boiled potatoes, and the thin tomato sauce from the pan of pigs would become the gravy. Mmm, getting hungry now. "We Germans do come up with some pretty tasty ways of having cabbage."