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This 'n' that

From (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board

Posted on Mon., March 13, 2006

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This 'n' that

Poet X of PDX: "I remember that I would sing along to Cher's 'Half Breed' the lyrics 'We weren't accepted and I fell to shame. /Nakimah, let them tell me who's to blame.' I figured Nakimah was a relative of Hiawatha or Sequoia or some such. It had to be decades later when I finally heard the lyrics for what they are: 'Nineteen, I left them. Tell me who's to blame.'

"For the past year, I've heard the song almost every Friday and Saturday as part of a production number at the club. Still my head glides over the old lyrics most times. Less than once in 10 times will I hear the word 'nineteen' and realize that I'm usually still singing it wrong in my head while I hear the song.

'You know, the mixed-tribute albums game is something I can't resist. Here's a couple I might listen to if I had the chance: 'Pat Does Pat' (Pat Benatar doing Pat Boone and vice versa); 'Pink Does Pink' (Pink, the young female pop star, doing Pink Floyd).

"I can easily imagine a tribute album done by Jewel in honor of Liberace.

"Should the young singer Brandy record the Looking Glass hit 'Brandy, You're a Fine Girl?' Should Hot Chocolate ('You Sexy Thing') do Hot Butter's instrumental 'Popcorn'?!

"Some tongue-twister tribute albums: 'Dido Does Lobo.' 'Charo Chants Poco' on a little rowboat. Clap! Clap!"