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From (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board, October 5, 2005

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There's nothin' like a simile!

Poet X of PDX: "To those who, like me, prefer that their TV shows have high-quality writing (which is getting more and more rare), I recommend 'City Confidential' (airs on A&E), which follows a pretty consistent formula for each episode: 15 or 20 minutes to profile a city, and then a sensational crime from there.

"From a recent episode, which took place in Sebring, Florida, characterized as a city made up mostly of retirees: 'News of the murder hit Sebring harder than a cut in Social Security.'

"Later in the same episode, about the murderer: 'Despite an alibi as weak as a Florida winter '

"The last line of this particular episode was a gem as well, but I don't want to be a spoiler."