Bulletin Board, excerpt


From (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board, Sept. 8, 2005

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Fun facts to know and tell

Poet X of PDX: "One important fact stood out from tonight's national news broadcast: Baton Rouge is now the largest city in Louisiana.

"I'm taken back in memory to when I first learned my state capitals. Some were easy to remember because they were also their states' largest cities. Those that weren't seemed to be the trickier ones.

"I've often wondered what the percentage is and have never taken the time to do the actual research. But here are a few I'm sure of:

"States where the capital is also the largest city: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Idaho, Hawaii, Iowa, hmm. It gets difficult after that. Is Oklahoma City the largest city in Oklahoma? [Bulletin Board says: Yes, it is as are Phoenix in Arizona, Little Rock in Arkansas, Denver in Colorado, Atlanta in Georgia, Indianapolis in Indiana, Jackson in Mississippi, Columbus in Ohio, Columbia in South Carolina, Salt Lake City in Utah, and Cheyenne in Wyoming.]

"States where the capital is not the largest city: both Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, California, Alaska, Illinois, Florida, Kentucky, Texas.

"Whatever that percentage was [Bulletin Board says: 32 percent], it changed this past week [Bulletin Board says: to 34]. Thought you'd like to know."