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From (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board, June 27, 2005

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This 'n' that 'n' the other

A letter from Poet X of PDX: "OK, no more trashing William Shatner's recording career. He's about to join my CD collection. (I get a free CD with my music-club points and was about to lose one point, so the time has come.) Actually, I'm interested in his CD release of about a year ago which was written and produced by Ben Folds, an artist whose previous works I enjoy.

"I keep meaning to write about my newfound taste for tomatoes, a food I've previously trashed in BB. When I think of an interesting way to present this item of 'too much information,' I'll pass it along!

"But just yesterday I thought of a recent discovery that is BB-worthy:

"I've long known that memory and smell are closely related. But besides smell, I've found another way to trigger long-dormant memories: breakfast cereals! Specifically, a breakfast cereal from childhood that hasn't been eaten in several decades.

"On a whim a week ago, I bought a box of Kix. Eating a bowl yesterday, I found myself submerging the few balls that had tiny pinholes in them until the hole was covered by milk. It was a compulsion I immediately recognized from childhood! Scary.

"I've also only recently realized that I've long had a habit of putting the two pieces of bread used to make a sandwich back in their original order and orientation to complete the sandwich. Is it a compulsion before and after it's recognized, or only after?"