Bulletin Board, excerpt

Caution! Words at play!

From (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board, June 4, 2005

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Caution! Words at play!

Poet X of PDX: "I was preparing dinner while Too ('The other one') began a shower. Knowing that the shower water temperature reacts to the kitchen sink's being used, I walked into the bathroom with two potatoes (one for me and one for Too), intending to wash them in the sink there.

" 'I didn't want to burn you, so I've come to warn you and wash these,' I said. Before I could use the sink, a hand reached out from the shower so I ceded the potatoes (I know potatoes don't need to be seeded before cooking, but there you have it). They were returned, clean, a minute later.

"Walking back to the kitchen, I realized the menu had been changed from baked potatoes to bathed potatoes."