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Please release me!

From (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board, February 11, 2005

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Please release me! (responsorial)

Writes Poet X of PDX:

"Tooth Fairy's 'Fried Pockets' also inspired an earworm when I first read it. It recalled, to me, the song 'Salt Peanuts' (Salt Peanuts!) sung by plenty of artists over the years; my introduction to the song came by way of the Pointer Sisters, so it's their version that sticks to mind. Must be the fact that the phrase is a sometimes-potent metrical construction known as an amphibrach (unstressed syllable, stressed syllable, unstressed syllable). Consider, consider!

" 'Fried Pockets' also makes me hungry for a German dish that's very much like Fry Bread sealed around (making a 'pocket') hamburger before deep-frying great with just a dab of ketchup (added after the cooking, of course).

"The mind is a wonderful place in which to aimlessly wander, as I've long maintained and practiced. And here I've been caught at it yet again. I love it, I love it!"