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Excerpt from (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board, July 16, 2004

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From Poet X of PDX: 

"Homage should be paid 'Jeopardy!' contestant Ken Jennings, 'a software engineer from Salt Lake City, Utah,' who, at this writing, has won 28 games and $920,960. At about 20 wins, I began to figure his average winnings after each show (a few cents under $32,892 now; the figure has been higher [$33,535 after 22 games] and lower [$31,040 after 24]).

"Watching him win day after day, I can imagine how it was to follow Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak. Another baseball analogy comes to mind: Jennings' record could easily stand for as long as Babe Ruth's did.

"A few days ago I reviewed a tape on which I'd recorded the last episode of 'Frasier.' The next day's 'Jeopardy!' followed. It was Ken's third win.

"The Fourth of July is a memory, and he's still going.

"Now that he's won just under a million, I'm waiting for the day he's introduced as 'Ken Jennings, a former software engineer from Salt Lake City, Utah, whose... . ' "

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