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Excerpt from (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board, June 29, 2004, and July 1, 2004

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This 'n' That

Another e-mail from Poet X of PDX: "Walking to the garden, the first garden of my adult life, with knife in hand to cut broccoli, the first broccoli I've ever seen grown in a garden: the closest I'll ever come to feeling the thrill of the hunt. I checked the blade for blood on the way back in the back porch. The broccoli tasted like wild game.

"Monday Mystery Theme for work contains the following CDs: Santana, 'Supernatural'; Bonnie Raitt, 'Nick of Time'; Paul Simon, 'Graceland'; Judy Garland, 'Live at Carnegie Hall'; Norah Jones, 'Come Away With Me'; and The Eagles, 'Hotel California.'

"Need a clue? Because six CDs is nowhere near enough to fill a shift at work, I'm also bringing these CDs: k.d. lang, 'Ingenue'; Billy Joel, 'The Stranger'; No Doubt, 'Rock Steady'; Alicia Keyes, 'Songs in A Minor'; Annie Lennox, 'Medusa'; and a compilation CD with Bobby McFerrin doing 'Don't Worry, Be Happy.'
"Answer? The first set all were Grammy Album and/or Record of the Year.

"The additional CDs have performance-of-the-year songs on them.

"Tuesday I'm going to bring CDs by Rickie Lee Jones (2), Tom Jones, The Carpenters (2), Toni Braxton, Bruce Hornsby, Bette Midler (4 counting the soundtrack for 
'For the Boys') and Sade. Their link? Grammy winners for Best New Artist of the Year.

"Have a great Fourth and all,

"Poet X of PDX"


Tess of the S'uburbvilles: "I had a B-M today. In the 6/28/04 crossword puzzle (the easy one, on 10E, next to the Seek & Find), 5 Down is 'Nick of Time singer.' I had never heard of 'Nick of Time' before. The answer turned out to be 'Raitt' (as in Bonnie, whose name I did recognize). Today in the 6/29 BB, Poet X of PDX mentioned the CD 'Nick of Time' in his Monday Mystery Theme. It's not a very exciting one, but I'm pretty sure it counts." BULLETIN BOARD SAYS: Right you are.

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