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KNOW THYSELF! Or: The vision thing

Posted to (St. Paul Pioneer Press) Bulletin Board, February 6, 2004


Or: The vision thing

Poet X of PDX: "Here's a scary one. The welcoming screen for my Internet connection, MSN (once WebTV), as it popped on just now, shows a story one can link to entitled 'Jobs For Baby Boomers.' The man in the picture is white-haired, with receded hairline, jowls and glasses. "I'm a Baby Boomer. "Scary." 10 19 04 CAUTION! Words at Play! (responsorial) Saturday's Bulletin Board included this note from Grammie Deb: "Saw the photo of the cute mixed pooch in the Oct. 12 BB and had a thought. "If a rooster were crossed with a poodle, it'd be a cockadoodle. If it inherited the correct genes, it could also serve as an alarm-clUck. ;)" We presently heard from Poet X of PDX: "Crossing a poodle and a rooster would result in an alarm-cluck only if the poodle were a watch dog."