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Posted on Mon., June 5, 2006

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Games people play (Playlist Division)

Poet X of PDX: "I've been pretty much immobilized by the discomfort of shingles the past few weeks. The other day on the national news, there was a story about a new vaccination available for shingles. Not a joyful juxtaposition.

"Being immobile didn't keep the mind from being active.

"I've become somewhat bored with my CD collection and decided to create a few of my own compilations. I started by putting together a few CDs of favorite performers and favorite songs. I also put together a CD of songs with the word 'Baby' in the title.

"When I decided to create a CD of songs with 'Boy' in the title, I also set aside CDs with songs with 'Girl,' 'Man,' and 'Woman.' I didn't have enough 'Sun' or 'Moon' songs for a complete 80-minute CD, so combined them, alternating a 'Sun' song with a 'Moon' song.

"Next came songs with animals in the title, an interesting collection.

"The latest compilation: 'Angelina' (Keb Mo'), 'Anthony' (Nickel Creek), 'Bernadette' (The Four Tops), 'Christina' (Patty Griffin), 'Delilah' (Tom Jones), 'Enid' (Barenaked Ladies), 'Jane' (Barenaked Ladies), 'Jessica' (Allman Brothers), 'Juliet' (Neil Diamond), 'Kate' (Ben Folds Five), 'Kody' (Matchbox 20), 'Leah' (Roy Orbison), 'Mary' (Patty Griffin), 'Nanci' (Toad the Wet Sprocket), 'Nikita' (Elton John), 'Sadie' (The Spinners), 'Seamus' (Pink Floyd), 'Taylor' (Jack Johnson), 'Vincent' (Don Mclean), 'Zak & Sara' (Ben Fold).

"For iPod users, these might be good suggestions for mini-playlists."