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Selected Poetry by Greg Baysans

The "best of" my poems, this list is not inclusive of all I've had published in various publications over the years. Click on the icon beside each title to be linked to that poem.

As I birthday
Published in The James White Review, Fall 1983

Published in The James White Review, Winter 1989

Published in The James White Review, Spring 1990

Two verses (the first ["Work"] and last ["Closure"], as individual "poems") published in anthology, Poetic Voices Without Borders (2), 2009

Published in The James White Review, Winter 1987

Five Prank Phone Calls
Unpublished (1984)

Grey Anatomy
Published in Oyez Review, Winter 2005/2006

How to Read a Poem
Published in Coe Review, 2005

In Which We Serve
Published in anthology Poetic Voices Without Borders, 2005

Published in The Tipton Poetry Journal, Fall 2007

Night Dual
Published in Cream Drops (Inaugural issue), 2005

A Real Education
Unpublished (2002)

The Silence
Published in The Gay & Lesbian Review, March/April 2008

That Sinking Poem
Published in Northern Lit Quarterly, 1984

Under Throes of Alchemy
Unpublished (2010)

Vehicle Poetry
Published in The James White Review, Fall 1983

Weak Knees
Published in The Evergreen Chronicles, Summer 1987

Wordsworth Meets Warhol
Unpublished (1999)

The Best of The JWR (Poetry), 1983-1991
(The James White Review) of which I was editor and co-founder. This small selection contains what I consider "the best of" the years when I was an editor. Start with the "Introduction" for some background on the Review and the selection of the "Best of"; the poems were first chosen and pages posted online in 1999, updated September, 2011 (some graphics and links had long expired, things were getting sloppy). -- Greg Baysans ("Poet X")