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Watermelon Joy

Creating an index of recent poems:
there's a haiku, a sex poem,
one or two anti-war ditties,
an historical poem, an ode,
a poem about the stresses of unemployment
with the causes so steeped in metaphor
there will never be progress made,
but no watermelon joy poem. You know,
the poem in which each breath is an "amen."
No poem in praise of a Tokyo tea garden
or Athenian museum I didn't visit.
So this will have to be my watermelon
joy poem: only by being "unemployed" have I
had the focus to write these many words.
You get what you pay for. Poets
will write, regardless of the way they 
are regarded. A society that treats its poets 
with neglect gets dirges and laments. A society 
that lifts up its poets gets hymns.


Copyright 2005 by Greg Baysans