Poet X
Recent Poems

Three Choruses

     i Suicide Chorus

I thought I made out Robinson ahead of me.
I simply cannot see where to get to.
I'll walk into the sky.

September was when it began.
It is almost over.
Henry likes Fall.

The cats go by in a bluish light.
The box is only temporary.
I'm alone too.

Small wonder that the case remains unsolved,
A mouth just bloodied.
Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so.

The pages in the books are blank,
The absolute sacrifice.
Thass a funny title, Mr. Bones.

     ii Drunk Chorus

I, in my intricate image, stride on two levels,
And I could be a statue or a stone

I ran my heedless ways,
A white rabbit absolutely outlined in white
     upon a black background.

At last the soul from its foul mousehole
Would twist and sing the blues out song by song.

What is the metre of the dictionary?
The sound of words as they fall away from our

And he who taught their lips to sing
And I will see the sun.

They shall have stars at elbow and foot;
Millions of meaningless toys

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding
Wake us at six in the morning with messages
     someone had given them the night before.

     iii Master Chorus

If after all that we have lived and
thought in his naked and endless head
The ambulance at top speed floating down
one day anyone died I guess
If it was only the dark voice of
the sea is circled and sways
This has been happening a long time
for all the works and days of hands


(Verse one, each is a line by, alternately,
Weldon Kees, Sylvia Plath, and John Berryman.
Verse two, the first line of each couplet is
by Dylan Thomas, the second by Jack Spicer.
Verse three combines lines on a shared word
by E.A. Robinson/Allen Ginsberg, Karl Shapiro/
ee cummings, Wallace Stevens/William Carlos
Williams, and Harold Norse/T.S. Eliot.)


Copyright 2005 by Greg Baysans