by Greg Baysans

Poet X

Pages of a Distorted Poem

Page A

Words smoke anniversary apathy 
lying trying going concentrating 
forward backward into onto over 
sober continuing over-sized white 
smile interior universe floors 
suspending impending pretending to 
preach choke write confess promise 
is as meanwhile was during the 
clown television elevator everywhere. 
Suddenly reputedly repeatedly 
he they the mayor it she we 
cluttered fell wandered into wonderland 
there where then when those whose 
sparkling musical futile experience 
apathy anniversary smoke words. 

Page Y

In the word-world, centuries arm 
has sounded the very brain same. 

Page G

red white green blue black orange 
the song and the scream static radio 
eight hundred one thousand sixteen 
in the air is the room of the future 
bread hot peppers egg cola lime soup 
dirty dishes washed again laundry 
Friday Tuesday Sunday morning Thursday 
in the movie they went to a play 
Kent Golden Light One-Hundreds Menthol 
the crocodile no man has touched or 
the first word of every book printed 
resounding resounding resounding.