by Greg Baysans

Poet X


"Courting" was published by The Cherry Blossom Review and posted there October, 2007. The poem itself was written in the mid-1980s. The quote that closes the poem was said by Quentin Crisp in an interview pub- lished in The James White Review. -- gcb

Kings and queens begat
knights and princesses.
This is called evolution.
The family holds court.
All the kings line up
against the wall, a leather barre.
The queens sit in chairs at the left
smoking tea, watching.
Knights and princesses, tomorrow's
kings and queens, court.
Princesses sit, princesses dance
and chatter, queens prance when
invited, knights knock heads.
Kings sing and don't know it.
The court's rules are old.

There are always categories.
No categories are rigid.
There are always rules.
No rules are rigid.

Knights are basically
more honest than
kings but not any more

Princesses talk more than
queens but nowhere near
as succinctly, are not
"without pity of any kind."