by Greg Baysans

Poet X

The Computer Poems

I. Computer Drones

Through the door the room and through the room. 
In the room the computer and in the computer. 


On the machine the screen and on the screen. 
Under the menu the cursor and under the cursor. 
Behind the boot the drive and behind the drive. 

The cart the horse 

In a box in a drawer in your skull 
old and new disguises, empty arias 
and toys you've forgotten you've forgotten. 
In a bubble in your gabled mansion mind 
are libraries and random access labyrinths, 
garbage and entrances, creaky steps. 
There are Bartlebys who actually live there. 

Between partitions, pages, and between pages. 
Among freedoms, rules, and among rules. 
And so portable, so affordable. 


II. Computer Poems

One Ice 

Alabaster symphonies climb spiderwebs. 
Dandelions cluck. 
Resplendent gadgetry verso, 
undying binocular papyrus recto, 
curmudgeonry is red and escaping. 

Two Ice 

Synthetic moonbeams grapple 
underwater with the blank tent of 
munificent backgammon. Joy 
straddles tin alloy and returns 
fanatically. Her savory disgust 
then bricks seventeen violins. 
Adenoids, meanwhile, investigate and 
howl in earnest their silken mastery. 
Chicanery sculpture parades 
the remainder of a blink. Feet 
seem destined to cogitate there. 
Lampreys festoon as nadirs erupt. 

Three Ice 

Perhaps, except without which ice describes. 

Four Ice 

Perhaps, except without which clouds 
arrive negating. Perhaps, without which, 
except ice describes and cloud negates. 
Perhaps, which ice describes and clouds. 

Five Ice 

Clouds ink describes negate myth.