by Greg Baysans

Poet X

As I birthday

As I birthday, someone paints 
a portrait of some catatonic 
schizophrenic artist as young 
man or woman. 
		If you 
go through town 
one time 
	it is the only way 
		and watching others. 
			If you go through town 
some number or method 
			of path, paths 
		and able to have to 
	repeat some, sometime, time me, 
tonight is 
	today is 
		downtown is 
as if they were atoms, 
		in Hometown, North Dakota means 
		Rural Bluffs, Kansas and where else 
	gay drivers drive round, 
			they go round and around, 
		they go looking for. 
	I'll believe anything, 
	I'll believe that. 
On a birthday branch, I 
	chameleon age on this 
		granite or citypent shore. 
		I sing 
a section being rewritten as: 
			on branch, age, edge, 
	I am this short